Object of activity

Comelf was developed from the very beginning as an enterprise specializing in the production of machinery and installations intended for the protection of the environment. In this sense was bought from company a license Lurgi production Cottrell filters.
Together with ICPET Bucharest as a designer, during the 1980s, the Comelf executed an entire range of Cottrell filters for power plants on coal trapped in the national program of industrialization of the country. Also in this period have produced a wide range of Cottrell filters and filters with bags for cement industry for a number of countries in Asia, Africa, the Middle East.
After 1990 was considerably restrained market as a result of massive investment programmes in Romania, market segment that absorbing most of the products Comelf. This situation was forced to Comelf be directed to external market and exported to other areas of work. He continued in a certain extent bindings with Lurgi in the production of machinery for the protection of the environment through the years until 1999, after which the turnover with this partner fell virtually to zero. At the same time it was tried on the market penetration of products for the energy industry's turnover for this kind of ascendent products year after year. It was also gradually increased the production of components and getting them as earthmoving utialje at one time to represent 40% of turnover.

Today the products executed by Comelf can be grouped in the following categories:

1. Equipment for dedusting industrial gases 
- Cottrell Filters
- Filters with bags
2. Equipment for the treatment and waste water treatment
3. Biofuels and other equipment
4. Parts for power plants with gas turbine cogenerative
- Modular filters
- Speakers
- Inlet plenum
- Exhaust plenum
- Diverter
- Pimples
5. Parts under pressure (boilers, heat exchangers, cooling pipes, storage tanks)
6. Stainless steel mechanical construction
7. Parts and cars earthmoving
- Complete machines (crushers, poured asphalt machines, ...)
- Components (frames, arms ... ... ... ..)
8. Parts for wind turbines
- Transformer housings
- Frames for ax
- Frame transport basket
- Advanced welding
- Canopy frames parts