1991 - 
 COMELF SA  was founded on the structure of the Enterprise of the Technological Equipment, Bistrita, founded in 1971, by transforming it into a stock company. 
From the company’s beginning, development of environmental protection equipment that has been approached constantly by our company specialists, efforts are focused on two areas of interest: dedusting of industrial gas and waste-water treatment.
1992 - 
From this year on, the production profile has been diversified by developing components for earth-moving machines and then components for co-generative power plants with gas turbine.
One of the main objectives was to manufacture a fully equipped machine in Comelf: thus the following machines were made: asphalt paving machine, paver-finisher, telescopic crane, crusher and press for scrap metal.
1995 -
Certification of Quality Management System according to ISO 9001 by TÜV Management Service, maintained until today. 
1999 -
Company was privatized fully with Romanian capital, Uzinsider SA Bucharest being the main shareholder.
2006 -
An Environmental Management System has been implemented that was integrated with the previously implemented Quality Management System. 
2008 -
Comelf has entered a new stage of development, by the overall reorganization of manufacturing sectors and orientation towards stainless steel structures and welded parts for railway carriage and high-speed trains. 

Company is listed on Bucharest Stock Exchange, being one of the 12 founding companies of Romanian Stock Exchange.